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Web registration is no longer required. To join, simply login to the shard with a new account name and password.

Joining the shard implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

An Ultima Online client is required. The recommended version for use with this shard is version 5.0.2g. You can use any one of the following three methods to connect to the server, though Razor is the recommended method:

UnrealUO Downloads

UO-5.0.2g.exe - UO Client version 5.02g
Razor- - Razor v1.0.14.9
uogateway- - UO Gateway 1.9.0 build 1266
macros.txt - Customized macro file for UO
UOAM- - UO AutoMap installer
UOAM-Maps.rar - UO AutoMap Map files
login.cfg - Original (pre-Samurai Empire) login.cfg file - needed to update
spells.def - Updated spell definition file for Razor

If it's not already installed, install Microsoft .NET 1.1, available here.

Some recommended setting changes in Razor:

    Enable "Use Pre-AOS Status Window".
    Set "Show Names of New/Incoming Corpses".

  More Options:
    Set "Object delay" to 500ms.

For a nice title bar display you can change Razor's default display to something like this: