Item Comments Skill Needed
Footwear: The beginning fisherman will find this item on his hook most of the times, but even the Grandmaster may pull up the occasional boot. 0
Normal fish you usually get when fishing. They yield 4 fish steaks each when cut with a knife. 0
Special Fishing Net: Can be fished up directly, or can be found as loot on sea serpents. When used, the net appears to throw out many fishing lines and a set of nasty monsters will spawn, consisting of water elementals, sea serpents and a kraken. < 25
Prize Fish: Adds a temporary +5 to your Intelligence when eaten (no cooking needed). 80
Wondrous Fish: Adds a temporary +5 to your Dexterity when eaten. 80
Truly Rare Fish: Adds a temporary +5 to your Strength when eaten. 80
Highly Peculiar Fish: Restores 10 points of stamina when eaten. 80
Big Fish: A rare fish that one can use a Taxidermy Kit on to make a nice looking trophy. Do not cut this fish up or stack it with other fish for it will lose its unique capacities. They vary in weight and can be quite heavy. Can only be found in deep water*. 80
Treasure Map: A level 1 treasure map. Same as the treasure maps you get off monsters. Also see the remark about treasure maps and SOS bottles below. 90
Message in a Bottle: When used it extracts a waterstained SOS from the bottle. Every time you successfully fish up a treasure map or SOS bottle a sea serpent will surface and attack. The treasure map or SOS bottle will be on the serpents corpse. Sea serpents that are pulled up through normal fishing that did not result in a treasure map or SOS bottle will not have these items on them. Can only be found in deep water*. 100
Using the waterstained SOS at the location mentioned on it will allow you to fish up a treasure chest recovered from a shipwreck. These chests are made of wood or metal and carry three different levels of treasure. Also see: Professions: The Treasure Hunter 65
- The higher your skill the higher your chance of catching something more valuable than a normal fish. The skills mentioned above are minimum skills needed to fish up the corresponding item.
- Tests show that a Grandmaster Fisherman pulls up an SOS message in a bottle about once per hour. To reach that he has to fish non-stop, which means he has to cast about 280 times per hour.
- When fishing in "deep water" (which means you must be at least 14 tiles away from all land and server lines) there is a chance a sea-serpent pops up if you are fishing with 80+ skill and you fail.
- The minimum required skill level to catch *anything* in deep water is 65.
- An SOS message gives you some coordinates at sea. Sail to there and start fishing to retrieve sunken treasure.